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Ludlow Shocker III: Max Fish To Stay For Another Year

Some surprising but not totally unexpected news from the Lower East Side, as Paper reports that Max Fish has come to terms with their landlord and will be able to stay open in their Ludlow Street home for another year. If you recall, the bar had been trying to find a new home when it learned that the building's owner planned on tripling their rent. The landlord had said that the bar had been offered a one year lease for the space, but the Max Fish team claimed that the deal required surrendering all rights to the Max Fish name and prepped to close its doors for good.

But it looks like everyone has come to their senses, at least for the next twelve months, by which time Max Fish will hopefully have found a new home. It's seems safe to assume that Max Fish's subtenant, the Pink Pony, is also safe for an additional year. Maybe all hope for the neighborhood isn't truly lost. Maybe.
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Max Fish

178 Ludlow St., New York, NY