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Here, an Excerpt from Gabrielle Hamilton's New Memoir

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Prune chef and owner Gabrielle Hamilton's new excellent memoir, Blood, Bones & Butter, doesn't hit the shelves until this March. But those who want a sneak preview can get just that in this week's issue of the New Yorker. In it, Hamilton runs an excerpt—much of the first chapter—of the book, which focuses on the grand lamb roasts her family used to have once a year for all their friends and neighbors in rural Pennsylvania. It's a lovely piece and a great taste of what's to come in the rest of the book, which in full covers her strange childhood, experimentation with drugs and law breaking in her teen years, catering cooking, lesbianism, the buying and building of Prune (and all the grossness and glory that comes with it), marriage, motherhood, and Italian in-laws. Find an abstract here, or click through to read the PDF (or download here), provided by the New Yorker.

· The Lamb Roast [New Yorker]


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