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Chefs Also Live in Apartments with Terrible, Small Kitchens

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Here's a newsflash that will come as no surprise to most New Yorkers: many professional chefs in New York do not have giant, gleaming "chef's kitchens" at home. Such is the angle of this week's The Appraisal column in the Times. Any chef, friend of a chef, or just anyone familiar with New York real estate probably knows this. Sure your Jean-Georges and Eric Riperts have some sweet set ups, but what about your Andrew Carmellinis, or in the case of this article, your Jehangir Mehtas (an eight by eight foot kitchen) or Anita Los ("The dimly lighted kitchen has the counter space of two subway seats") or Jo-Ann Makovitzkys (turned off the gas in her stove before her daughter was born)? Since many New York chefs, the ones that are cooking nightly anyway, rarely cook at home, it's not so huge an issue.

Though it should be said that Mehta's kitchen, right, looks pretty sweet.
· Even for Chefs, Home Kitchen Can Be Tight Fit [NYT]
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