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Paris Baguette Certified Open; Ox Cart, Cadaques Very Soon

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1) Ditmas Park: The Ditmas Park blog reports that Ox Cart Tavern, the new restaurant opening in the old Pomme de Terre space will debut tomorrow at 5 PM. They're still waiting on a full liquor license but will serve Gaffel Kolsch, Abita Amber, and Bud on tap and hope to soon feature Anchor Steam, beers from Hitachino, and Fat Tire. Here is the menu. Status: Opening tomorrow; 1301 Newkirk Ave., Brooklyn.

2) Williamsburg: Downtown Diaries notes that new Williamsburg tapas place Cadaques Tapas Bar is currently in soft open phase and will have a grand opening on Monday. Click through for pictures of the food and the menu. Status: Soft open; 188 Grand St.

3) Midtown: Midtown Lunch brings news the the Midtown location of Paris Baguette opened today on 32nd Street between 5th and Broadway. It is the first Manhattan location of a large Korea-based sandwich chain that also has spots in LA and Flushing. Status: Certified open; 6 West 32nd St..

Paris Baguette

6 West 32nd St., New York, NY