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Millbank Members Lounge Briefly Touches Down In NYC

It's not often that the Seychelles Consul General for The United States invites you to an event, but then again New York Fashion Week is hardly a regular week. Feel free to be excited over the New York launch party for the Millbank Members Lounge, a soon to open private club in the Westminster section of London. Millbank is owned by Justin Etzin, who besides being the Consul General, also owns various hospitality companies. His honor has partnered with Unik (formerly of PM and Merkato 55) and Karim Amatullah (Cipriani's) to throw one of three launch parties for Millbank, and promises entertainment by Cirque de Soleil, music by the guys from 1 Oak and the Box, and cocktails by the Millbank mixologists, all going down inside a penthouse overlooking the World Trade Center site. Normally a party like this would be impossible to get into, but just reach out to the Consul General himself and let him know you'd like to go.
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Millbank Lounge

Barclay St. and West Broadway, New York, NY