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Spice, Casa Havana, Percy's Tavern, and More Coming Soon

1) Upper West Side: Per a tipster, the long-vacant space that was formerly Monsoon at 81st and Amsterdam Ave is "showing signs of life." It's going to be a branch of NYC Thai chain Spice [PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: EV Grieve snaps a shot of signage for Cafe St. Marks, the upcoming FroYo and tea spot that's taking over the old Red Mango space, thus continuing the never-ending cycle of FroYo and tea on St. Marks. [PLYWOOD]

3) East Village: A 1000sqft outpost of Peter Poulakakos' Le Financier is opening at 2 Astor Place in what was previously a Cold Stone Creamery. The signage is finally up. [PLYWOOD]

4) Hell's Kitchen: Life with Food and Drink grabs a facade photo of Casa Havana, a new shop which promises to bring "the best Cuban sandwiches" when it opens. [PLYWOOD]

5) East Village: EV Grieve has photographic evidence that Percy's Tavern, a "Gaelic gastropub" moving into the old Al Diwan space on 13th and Avenue A, is nearing completion. [PLYWOOD]

6) Carroll Gardens: Brownstoner posts a shot of massive plywood at 61 Bergen St that's been under construction for a few months already, and learns that it will become an indoor beer garden. [PLYWOOD]


435 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY