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David Chang Transforms Former Office into MomoLabs

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In today's Eaterrogations, Peter Meehan speaks to Joshua David Stein about how cookbooks changed his life, his future projects with David Chang, his love of Sam Sifton, and how hard it is to get inside a chef's head. He also explains that Chang has just launched a cooking lab in the East Village. We hear it's located in the former Momofuku office space on East 10th St.:

Ferran's lab is built six months out of the year to specifically develop items on the menu that they're serving the other six months. David's lab is less that. It's more like a workshop for him and his guys who work there to come up with stuff. It's non-commercial and there's no direction to it. On some level right now, I think he's figuring out what comes next. I don't know what's next for him. I know what's next for us.
What's next for them? Another book or two, maybe something on the TV, or perhaps something more flexible like an iPad app.
· Peter Meehan on Momofuku, David Chang's Test Lab, and the Importance of Cookbooks [Eater]
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223 East 10th St., New York, NY