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SeamlessWeb to Offer Freebies; Avec Eric Launches Second Season

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TV WATCH— The second season of "Avec Eric," Eric Ripert's food show, premieres in New York this Saturday, October 2nd on WLIW (Channel 21) at 12 PM. Tony Bourdain, Gail Simmons, David Chang, and Grant Achatz all make cameos this season. [EaterWire]

FREEBIES— From Monday, October 18th to Friday, October 22nd, SeamlessWeb will be parking a truck throughout NYC passing out fortune cookies that contain a ‘lucky number’ which people can enter into a website to find out which of the following prizes they won: free lunch for a year, an iPad, free lunch for a month, an iPod Touch, free lunch for a week, or 10% off their next order (guess which one you're going to get). [EaterWire]

FLATIRON— Fork in the Road reports that Raines Law Room will introduce weekly drink specials this Sunday, featuring a rotating cast of $10 cocktails ($10 is a "special" these days). This week, they're serving cocktails created by female bartenders. [FitR]

WEST VILLAGEEN Brasserie is hosting a series of workshops on the fundamentals of Japanese cooking. Each of the four classes costs $85 a prson. They cover seasoning, miso, fish, and boodles and rice. [EaterWire]