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Proposed Central Park Boathouse Bar Rankles Preservationists

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A recent newsletter from the Historic Districts Council reveals that the committee of preservationists is none too happy with a recent proposal to add a new bar to the Central Park Boathouse, owned by restaurateur Dean Poll. Apparently, Poll wants to construct a new bar with a ramp and alter railings and decking. Not so fast. Per the HDC testimony:

While the existing bar is no great piece of architecture, it does not need to be one. Its design and materials honestly express what it is – a seasonal, temporary structure within the park. The proposed comes off as very thick and heavy, its rounded tear drop shape is too contemporary for the location, and the use of aluminum is inappropriate for Manhattan’s most famous piece of artful nature. The white color further calls attention to a structure that should not be the visual center of attention here.
Yes, that image looks much too contemporary and inappropriate. What they would prefer: something with a "more trellis-like design" or something like the park's "many naturalistic pavilions."
· HDC@LPC [Official Site]

Central Park Boathouse

Central Park, New York, NY