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Jiggle's Up At Ten's, New Pink Elephant In Doubt

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Compared some other community boards, CB 5 doesn't normally get much play around these parts. Let's change that, courtesy of an area resident who shared some news from last night's meeting. According to our tipster, the gentleman's club known as Ten's had hit upon some hard times recently and was on its way to bankruptcy court. Before that could happen, a New Jersey based club called Lace made a deal to take over the lease, meaning E. 21st Street will stay sexy as ever. Our tipster also reports that the former Room Service space (which used to be a part of Ten's) will now become a steak house operated by a former Dylan Prime employee.

If you recall, the now defunct Room Service was to become the new home of Pink Elephant (which had lost its original home after a legal battle with M2), but the spring opening came and went with nothing happening. Pink Elephant's website is now promoting a fall opening and a Pink insider issued a strong denial, telling Eater "the steak house is not happening", but last night's meeting implies that is no longer the case. All of this is good news to our tipster, who says "we never took issue with Ten's, a quiet operation, great neighbor. But Room Service has been a nightmare, a series of promoter parties, no one in charge, no one will be sorry to see them go."
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