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Tabla Will Close in December; Danny Meyer's First Ever Shutter

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Florence Fabricant reports and a press release confirms that Tabla, Danny Meyer's 12 year-old Indian restaurant attached to Eleven Madison Park will close on December 30. It is the first restaurant Danny Meyer has closed since he launched his empire with Union Square Cafe in 1985. Industry vets have been rumbling about the restaurant's demise for the past six months, but many figured Danny would never close the place. Even he has his limits.

Meyer tells Flo, "We fought valiantly for nearly 13 years trying to fill 280 seats with food that is tightly focused," but that the recent recession was the last straw. According to the press release, he is open to finding a smaller space for the concept, blaming the sheer size of the space, not the execution. Floyd Cardoz, the chef who earned the restaurant three stars, will stay on at Union Square Hospitality Group to work on a new project. Meanwhile, fans have 90 days to say their goodbyes during a series of "farewell events."

It is still undecided whether or not Meyer will keep the lease or cede it up to another restaurateur.
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