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Osso Buco, Cube 63 on Clinton, Sintir, and More Shutter

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Welcome back to the weekly Friday Shutter. Know of any other restaurant that has met its demise? Let us know.

2010_09_shutter93.jpg1) East Village: EV Grieve reports that Sintir on Ninth St. and Ruben's Empanadas on 1st Avenue are closed. [EVG]

2) Lower East Side: Some news on the LES location of Cube 63 on Clinton Street: "Cube 63, the BYOB sushi spot on 63 Clinton has shuttered. My friend was the owner and I'm sooo sad :( He's moving his business to Toronto soon. I told him to impose a food minimum because everyone would bring 5 bottles of wine after work, order 1 roll of sushi and stay until past midnight... but he didn't." [ShutterWire]

3) Greenwich Village: Another tipster writes in to report that Osso Bucco on University Place is closed for renovations. He says, "I believe Nino just signed a new lease there but will reopen as a more casual/contemporary place." [ShutterWire]

4) East Village: Drom, the performance and events space that has a bar and restaurant on Avenue A near 5th Street is renovating. People on the scene report that they'll be reopening on September 24th for the gypsy festival, whatever that is. [Renovation Report]


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