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Early Customer Says Whiskey Brooklyn Disrespects Whiskey

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Whiskey Brooklyn, the new bar and home of the mysterious Bowl O' Bacon, just recently opened for business but one visit was enough for one customer, who filed this rant from the bar:

This is a straight up depressing yet inevitable glimpse at the future of the Williamsburg. Lots of popped collars, khakis, and trucker hats plus a cardinal sin I will never forgive; they poured six fingers of $13 Oban in a huge glass. Now call me a complainer, but the girl poured it as if it was Crown Royal - and we're in a WHISKEY BAR! At least the guys with vests and mustaches know what they're talking about.
If that wasn't enough to drive you crazy, our tipster says the night further deteriorated when "someone farted really bad so I have to glug down my Scotch and leave now. Plus they're playing Creed. Times they are a changin'." Hey now! Sounds like one heck of a night! But even though the bartender didn't know whiskey and the crowd was bad and the music sucked and someone broke some wind, our tipster does say Whiskey Brooklyn is a "nice space and nice TVs." That's the way to stay positive.
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Whiskey Brooklyn

44 Berry St., Brooklyn, NY 11211