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Snapshots From Johnny Iuzzini's Awesome Vacation and Other Holiday Weekend Sendoffs

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The hurricane is fizzling out before it gets here, but we're running for cover anyway. See you all back here bright and early on Tuesday morning. Happy eating.

JOHNNY ZZZZZS—What does Jean Georges pastry man and all around culinary bad-boy Johnny Iuzzini do when he has a few weeks off from the kitchen? He travels through Spain with other totally cool New York chefs, drinking and eating at some of the world's best restaurants. Iuzzini has been frequently uploading pics from his Spanish holiday to his blog, which show the chef grabbing a bite at El Bulli, hanging out with Aldea's George Mendes and some dude named DJ Ursula 1000, and chillaxing poolside atop some swanky Barcelona hotel. If you didn't get a chance to get away from the city this summer, do take a minute to live vicariously through Johnny Z. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN— Midtown Lunch discovers a new Korean fried chicken truck. And it is delicious. [ML]

HAMPTONS—Mike Satsky and the other folks behind club Lily Pond in the Hamptons send in a note saying this weekend may be their last. And so they're flying in two bigshot Djs to celebrate the three years of memories, Afrojack and Chris Lake. [EaterWire]