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The 10 Best Incredulous Responses to Del Posto's Four Star

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Yesterday, Times critic Sam Sifton awarded four stars to Chelsea Italian restaurant Del Posto, a restaurant that earned three stars from previous Times critic Frank Bruni four years ago. And a lot of people are not happy about it! The majority of commenters on the NYT's Diner's Journal blog praise the restaurant, or at the very least give Sifton the benefit of the doubt that it has recently improved. Not so with the good people in the Eater comments. Here now, the best incredulous comments from around the web:

1) guest: "well since sifton inflated all of the reviews by 1 star, this is still a 3 star restaurant on bruni's count. sifton needs to be stopped. im serious."

2) guest: "White just put his fist through a wall & Novello is off drinking in a corner. This is the game changer. Really surprising."

3) guest: "Bring back Bruni is right. We miss that bitchy queen! He was one tough cookie that didn't give out glowing nauseating reviews that reek of paid advertisements..."

4) inquiring mind: "please santa, bring the nyt get a real restaurant critic. this is a sad joke all around. "

5) Grub Street commenter cheer21962: "Interesting how a few weeks after the launch of Eataly, Del Posto gets "four" stars...guess Joe and Lidia and Mario need the traffic at the restaurant to help pay the rent at Eataly. I miss Bruni."

6) NY Journal: "The problem is that four-star reviews gain value from the company they keep. There are six other four-star restaurants in New York: Daniel, Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Masa, and Per Se. I know of no other critic—amateur or professional—who has suggested that Del Posto is on their level."

7) Times commenter Sarah Caplan: "There's plenty of other places with better ambiance. Del Posto reminded me of eating in Las Vegas. Tacky. Oh yeah but that's what Manhattan is now, une place pour les nouveaux riches. How sad."

8) Gothamist commenter nicemarmot: "The Del Posto thing is bizarre. I love Batali's restaurants and used to adore Del Posto. But in the last few years it has gone massively downhill, from awesome to suckfest central. My husband went there for a business outing just a few months ago and reported that it was as awful as ever.."

9) eGulleter eternal: "I was pretty surprised by this. I went to Del Posto a couple years ago during restaurant week and really disliked the whole experience...But it is good to see that they made such a change and now I want to revisit it - sitting at the bar anyway."

10) Sneakeater: "I've eaten there a number of TImes. This is not a subjective matter. The place is a failed four star. I don't see how anyone with any taste can be fooled by the accoutrements. (And what a waste it is of the talents of Mark Ladner!)"
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Del Posto

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Del Posto

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