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Eater Contests: Win Two Tickets to Meatball Madness

To win a pair of tickets to the sold-out Meatball Madness event, last week we asked for readers' best ideas for a mobile meatball operation, in the vein of Donatella's Meatball Wagon and, boy, did you guys deliver. There was plenty to sift through but below we list our favorites. Click through to find out more chances to win:

Entry 1 (winner): These Balls Were Made For Walking
Kate describes and depicts (above), "Simple ingredients with kitchy names.
-veal with parmesan and sundried tomatoes: sweet young balls
-pork with finely shredded red pepper and cumin: hog balls with a donkey kick
-free range chicken with thyme and carrots: old mcdonald's balls
-grass fed beef with bacon, jack cheese and tomato puree: all american balls
-falafel; chick pea, red pepper flake and sesame seeds: peta balls
-rolled cheddar mashed potatoes with chives and almond crumbles (vegetatian) - neatballs
on a bun or in a wrap: in a sack
additions of lettuce, tomato, or any of an array of fresh vegetables: dirty (balls)
with sauce (marinara, tahini, bbq, sour cream with dill, carrot and creme freche puree): wet (balls)"

Entry 2: Big Gay Ice Cream Meatball Truck
Mathew describes, "Basically it would have the appearance of an ice cream truck with additional features resembling 16 handles. There would be stickers on the front showing the special gourmet toppings and sandwiches of the day. These orders would require precision and would need to be ordered with someone working the truck. In the back of the truck there would be 3 meatball dispensing and topping machines for DIY. As well as different types of bread and a Quiznos like oven so your DIY Meatball Hero is warmed up as it should be."

Entry 3: Donatella's Vespa
Richard depicts,

Entry 4: Meatball Truck #1
David describes, "Meatball foodtuck. Not just the regular meatball with marinara sauce. But different kind of meats: pork, lamb, turkey, and feed. And different styles: Asian-inspired, Mexican-inspired flavors, etc."

Entry 5: Use Your Wedge Cart
Myles describes, "A cart called "Use Your Wedge" would be a pretty novel idea. Basically classic italian meatballs on thick potato wedges. You can order different sizes (3 or 5 wedges, 3 or 5 meatballs). The exterior design of the truck would be Golf themed. Really hardy food, super filling stuff."

Entry 6: Meatball Truck #2
Heidi describes, "My meatball business would be in the form of a truck. Meatballs would be served 2 ways: naked or sauced. Naked would be par-deep fried meatballs (all beef btw). They would swim in a second fry when ordered. Sauced would also be par-deep fried meatballs but would be swimming in homemade marinara sauce all day. Accompaniments would be crusty bread or pasta. Cheese optional. Simple but good."

Entry 7: Mario's Big Gay Meatball Truck
Edwin describes, "Mario driving around Chelsea going commando."

Entry 8: Meatball Man
Eric describes, "If there exists an "Empanada Man" who walks around Williamsburg selling $2 empanadas out of a thermal bag, then it's about time someone became the "Meatball Man.""

If you didn't make the cut this time, fear not, we've got another challenge and another chance to snag a pair of tickets to Meatball Madness! This week: Tell us about your which New Yorker, living or dead, you'd like to eat meatballs with and why. Stay tuned for more giveaways and NYWFF related content over the next few weeks.
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