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Getting To Know Zella Jones, Noho's Head NIMBY

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Move over Georgette Fleischer, because Noho's head NIMBY Zella Jones wants her own 15 minutes via a NY Post profile. Of course, the Ice Queen of Bleecker Street is already well known around these parts for her ball grabbing work with the Great Jones Hotel, crushing Patsy Grimaldi's Manhattan dreams, and shutting down Il Buco's annual pig roast . But Zella wants everyone to know she's not some "old lady in a rocking chair who’s gnashing her teeth and saying that we have to have temperance again. No, she is just a concerned Noho resident trying to prevent her hood from becoming Ground Zero for “busloads from New Jersey solely for drinking."

Despite her 35 years of living in the area, Zella may have missed the development of the surrounding neighborhood. A walk down Bleecker Street from Bowery to 7th Avenue, MacDougal near Washington Square Park or the streets of Little Italy would reveal that the busloads of tourists from New Jersey and everywhere else have already started showing up. And her block is still packed with fully licensed joints like Von, Double Crown, Madame Geneva and Bianca. Hardly a commercial free oasis.

Neighborhoods change, which Ms. Jones should know from her efforts of helping make Noho a much safer, more desirable area. Yet Zella's battle over every license rages on, as aspiring applicants are forced to kiss her ring before they are given the go ahead by the Community Board.
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