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Lidia Bastianich Launches Cooking School at Eataly

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Krieger, 8/24/10

Now announcing the second to last phase (the beer garden comes in November) in Italian megamart and food hall Eataly—the cooking school. Partner Lidia Bastianich's cooking school "La Scuola" just went live with its new schedule, offering a small for now selection of wine seminars, lectures, tastings, and demos. Some focus on producer presentations (with snacks from Bastianich), others on time management, or chef appearances from the likes of Dave Pasternack and Cesare Casella. Classes here, like the similar ones offered over at the Astor Center or De Gustibus, hold around 20 - 24 students and they run from $75 - 175. See the calendar at the website and expect a fuller schedule post-holiday season.
· La Scuola [Official Site]
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200 5th Ave., New York, NY

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