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What Will Sam Sifton Award Batali's Del Posto?

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Back in 2006, Frank Bruni dropped a gem of a review on Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's palatial Italian restaurant Del Posto, awarding it three stars. Since then, the dynamic duo has aspired for more. Last November, just as Sam Sifton began dropping his first reviews, Del Posto got rid of its affordable Enoteca, located just off the main dining room. At the time Batali explained, "We’re going to get our second Michelin star and a four-star New York Times review this year, and this is how we’re going to do it."

According to our sources, Sifton has finally taken the bait. And our commenters have a lot to say about it! Says one, "It should be a goose-egg. That place sucks." Per another, "If this is a four-star review, Michael White’s supporters will utter primal screams loud enough to be heard in Idaho." Others argue that it will either get the four, or get another three to open up the fourspot for new Jonathan Benno restaurant Lincoln. Keep in mind, Bruni said on the record that he wanted to give DP the four, but he just couldn't.

So, here now, it's time to place bets. Should Del Posto get its second shot tomorrow, what will it earn?

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Del Posto

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Del Posto

85 10th Ave., New York, NY