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New Name for Café des Artistes; Madison Sq. Mark't Returns

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UPPER WEST SIDECafé des Artistes, the restaurant that was once a longtime magnet for performers and musicians from nearby Lincoln Center, will reopen as the Leopard at Café des Artistes in March. [Grub Street]

MADISON SQUARE PARKMadison Square Mark't is back for another go-round this year and the Food Square at Worth Square is serving up food from a number of places. There's pizza from Roberta's, sandwiches from Resto, and much more. [Feisty Foodie]

BOOZEHOUNDS— Fans of booze and fancy infographics who also ride the commuter rail rejoice! The Times has an exhaustive look at what alcoholic drinks Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Railroad passengers purchased to the tune of $9 million in revenue last year. [NYT]

WILLIAMSBURG — The Robs notice that Commodore chef and Williamsburg man of mystery Stephen Tanner pulled a "Joaquin Phoenix” by having another chef assume his identity for an on-air interview with LXTV. The fake Tanner was apparently reading his lines off of cue cards. [Grub Street]

TOP CHEFFAGE— Season 6 cheftestant Kevin Gillespie explains why he chose not to compete in the upcoming All-Stars season - because he's already a winner in his mind. [Eater National]

Leopard at Café des Artistes

1 West 67th St., New York, NY