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The Playboy Club on Mad Men: The View Is Better Here

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On last night's episode of Mad Men, "Hands and Knees," Lane Pryce takes his father and Donald Draper to the New York Playboy Club, impresario Hugh Hefner's multi-level cocktail bar/restaurant at 5 East 59th Street in Manhattan staffed with Playboy Bunnies, or women dressed in the one-piece trademark "bunny" costumes. Opened on December 8th, 1962, the New York City location was the fifth Playboy Club in what was to become a 40-strong international chain, preceded only by the original Chicago location (February 1960), Miami (May 1961), New Orleans (October 1961), and St. Louis (October 1962).

Steaks, corruption, and Gloria Steinem. >>>

The Playboy Club

5 East 59th St., New York, NY