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B&B Aims to Be the Neighborhood Replacement for Jerry's

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2007_09_efp.jpgBurger & Barrel, 25 West Houston St., Soho
Initial Projection: June
Current Debut Projection: Early October
Odds, On Time Arrival: Even
Eater Projected Opening Date: 10/07/10

B&B, or Burger & Barrel—John McDonald, Josh Pickard, and chef/partner Josh Capon's new neighborhood joint on West Houston Street—should be opening to the public early next month. The place isn't 100 percent photo ready—expect pictures sometime next week—but perhaps a walk-through of the place, scoped out during a visit this week, can hold us over until then. Lure junkies, listen up.

The space, which is a "tight 70 seater," according to McDonald, takes up one room but is separated into three separate sections—two main dining areas and a bar/lounge space. The look could perhaps be described as "Old California," with mix-and-match chairs, bric-a-brac furniture, and a nice high industrial ceiling. Think cool, old, loungey vibe. Beautiful red tiles on the wall are styled to look like brick with a shiny glaze. Shiny brick!

We haven't seen the full menu yet, but it will include Josh Capon's Burger Bash burger and (wait for it!) a taco program, with a pulled pork and short rib tacos among those on offer. The taco menu plays to the strength of a longtime Lure sous chef, and let's just say Chef Capon is pumped for the program they've got planned. Meanwhile, the bar will have two beers and two wines on tap.

Another decor touch: McDonald installed deep open shelves all along the walls of the restaurant to hold regulars' empty bottles of wine. The idea is if you dine there and have a wine you really love, you can sign the empty bottle, put it in a cubby hole, and have it there as a reminder for next time. We're making memories here, people. From the looks of it, the shelves can handle over a thousand bottles.

Point is, they want it to be a place for the neighborhood, a place for regulars, and perhaps even—though it's ballsy as hell to say so—a replacement for long-gone and still missed neighborhood staple Jerry's. Can B&B inherit that coveted perch? We shall soon see.
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B & B Winepub (Burger & Barrel)

25 W. Houston Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 334 7320 Visit Website

Burger & Barrel

25 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 334-7320 Visit Website

Burger & Barrel

25 West Houston St., New York, NY