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Finally, 'Artisanal' Brooklyn Fare Minus the Stinky Subway Ride

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For those Manhattanites too lazy to jump on the F or L trains over to Brooklyn, no worries. You can enjoy the wonders of this faraway locale in the comfort of Greenwich Village! NYC The Blog reports that The Brooklyneer, a restaurant
that will focus "the food and drink artisans" of the borough to the east. Their goal is to provide "those less familiar with the borough the opportunity to enjoy some of its unique local fare." Because it really is that special and distinct? And far away?

Stay tuned for what's next, when some ambitious restaurateur opens an East Village themed resto on the Upper East Side. The Brooklyneer opens to the public sometime next month.
· Manhattan is Getting Brooklyneer [NYC The Blog]

The Brooklyneer

220 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10014 (646) 692-4911 Visit Website

The Brooklyneer

220 West Houston, New York, NY