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Burg's 26 Year-Old Red Sauce Vet Cono's O'Pescatore Shutters

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The Brooklyn Paper reports that 26 year-old Williamsburg red sauce staple Cono's & Sons O'Pescatore, has closed, much to the dismay of local politicos. According to the paper it was a hang out of Assemblyman Vito Lopez and dignitaries like Hillary Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg, Carolyn Kennedy, Kirsten Gillibrand and Harold Ford have all made pilgramages out to Graham Avenue to lunch on chicken parm sandwiches, fettucine alfredo, and the other usual suspects. It was also a big hang for the Italian locals.

The owner, Cono Natale, decided to retire a couple of weeks ago. Now with new restaurants like Motorino, the soon to open Tuffet, Sel de Mer, and Mesa Coyoacan crowding the area, it wouldn't be surprising for a new trendy joint to take over the old-school no frills space.
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Cono's & Sons O'Pescatore

301 Graham Ave., Brooklyn, NY