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Poor Economy Kills 3rd Ave.'s 22 Year-Old Ben & Jerry's

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First the East Village and NYU area loses its beloved Astor Place East Starbucks and now the Ben & Jerry's. What has become the state of mega chains in the neighborhood? Jeremiah Moss spots signage in the window of the 3rd Avenue and 10th Street location of the ice cream chain—a late night favorite with the co-eds—announcing that it is closing after 22 years due to "economic difficulties." Steadfast neighborhood nostalgist Jeremiah is conflicted: "I am not 100% anti-chainstore, and this one was so depressing and weird, so vintage 1980s, it had a certain odd appeal. I guess we'll soon be welcoming yet another bubble-tea lounge to this strip."
· Everyday Chatter [JVNY]

Ben & Jerry's

41 3rd Ave., New York, NY