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RedFarm Plans Ambitious Multi-Borough Delivery Service

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Yesterday, Asian cuisine aficionado and restaurateur Ed Schoenfeld previewed his project with Jeffrey Chodorow, FoodParc. Obviously, his favorite part of the food hall is the RedFarm stand, a mini restaurant serving chef Joe Ng's egg rolls, dumplings, skewers, shumai, and the like. Later this fall, RedFarm will also be a stand alone full service restaurant over on Hudson Street. It will clock in at about 40 seats and will serve some of the items found in FoodParc but will be much more expansive.

Most interesting though is the team's plan to pretty much revolutionize the world of Chinese delivery. Schoenfeld tells Eater he is opening a number of delivery kitchens around New York, enough so that every resident of Mahattan and Brooklyn can get delivery from RedFarm. Most of the labor intensive cooking—butchering, sauce making, recipe testing—will take place in one central kitchen, while the satellite kitchens will do more basic preparations and will execute the dishes. Schoenfeld plans on then launching a Seamless-web style site that will allow users to simply place their orders and have it dispatched based on their address. They already have one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn scoped out.
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Red Farm

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