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Soft Open Señor Tacombi Truck Already Gets Some Hate Mail

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The Señor Tacombi Truck—the stationary taco truck parked inside a Nolita garage space—just soft opened on Saturday. And, see above, the people at Deadspin are not pleased. Editor A.J. Daulerio tells Eater the tacos were the size of baby fists, "But for 4 fucking dollars a taco, they better be some flavorful baby fists. And we like things spicy. They were not spicy. In fact, it appears the only sauce they put on them acted as some sort of cooling agent. You have to buy tickets and then give the tickets to another guy who makes the tacos." Also, the tacos came in a garbage bag. And they forgot two.

Been to Senor Tacombi yet? Send all early reviews this a way. And stay tuned for when this big guy 'officially' opens to the public when they've presumably worked out some of the kinks.
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Señor Tacombi

267 Elizabeth St., New York, NY