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Welcome to Chodorow's Sleek High Tech Food Hall FoodParc

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Mmmm, pastrami egg roll.....
Mmmm, pastrami egg roll.....

We are pleased to introduce you to FoodParc, Jeffrey Chodorow and Ed Schoenfeld's new sleek, much anticipated food hall on 6th Avenue and 30th Street in the Eventi Hotel. Opening just seven blocks north of the colossal food conglomeration and grocer Eataly—though Schoenfeld calls it the "anti-Eataly" because their food is simple, well made, and what people want to eat—this space is much more streamlined in terms of size and concept. It currently contains four food stalls: a coffee shop called Press, a burger stand called 3B's, an Asian setup called RedFarm, and a flatbread sandwich/pizza counter, Fornetti. Ordering is all done through electronic kiosks that text your phone when ready for pickup. And unlike Eataly (but like Todd English's Plaza Food Hall), customers can order from any of the stations at the same time.

A huge outdoor space will be open to the public soon, topped with a giant flatscreen TV that will screen videos from the Cooper Hewitt Museum and also show major events like the World Series and the Super Bowl. Schoenfeld says they hope to add six to ten food stalls outside—perhaps something with Zak Pelaccio or some chowder or lobster rolls from Ed Brown. An indoor tiered dining room provides the rest of the seating.

Meanwhile upstairs, work is still being done on Bar Basque, Chodorow's elaborate and very, very red fine dining counterpart to the FoodParc, headed by chef Chef Yuhi Fujinaga. Designed by Syd Mead—the man also behind the look of FoodParc—the space will have enomatic wine stations, a humongous outdoor patio with a retractable roof that seats almost 200 (and also has a view of the big TV), and a crazy sounding whisky wall. It will open in time for the New York Wine and Food Festival.

Some highlights:

-They're selling both Blue Marble ice cream and gelato from Philadelphia's famous Capogiro.

-The burger shop is especially focused on bacon, serving numerous house cured and artisanal varieties and putting them in all manner of burger, sandwich, hash brown, and the like. One dish called bacon snacks (three thick slabs of bacon covered in sugar and spices for $3.50), is particularly appealing.

-Joe Ng, dim sum king of Chinatown Brasserie, is serving up the Asian menu of dumplings, egg rolls (of course with bacon), wontons, buns, and salads.

-The place will be open until 9 PM to start but they're considering going late night.

-Price points can be seen on the photos above, but it's fairly reasonable for lunch.

Foodparc opens to the public tomorrow morning. It'll be interesting to see how well the electronic ordering systems work when the place is dealing with the lunch rush, so please send in all early reports. Schoenfeld is confident they'll be able to get the food out fast—much of it is designed to be created beforehand—but expects it will take a few weeks before all of the kinks are completely worked out.
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