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Chodorow's FoodParc Offers a Sneak Peek at Dry Run

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Syd Mead, copyright Syd Mead Inc.

On Wednesday, Jeffrey Chodorow's entree into the growing world of NYC food halls—Foodparc at the Eventi Hotel—opens to the public. And right before the weekend @foodparc tweeted some preview porn of the offerings, but, sadly, not very much of the space age design. They did show off some flatbreads, egg rolls, BLTs, display cases, and the like from its four stands The Press (a coffee bar), RedFarm Stand (Joe Ng's dim, dumplings, etc.), Fornetti (pastas, sandwiches, salads), and 3Bs (the burger joint). Tune in for more once we have a report from the inside and find out what happened to that once planned pudding cart.
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