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Take the Eater Inside Restaurant Design Quiz

How well do you know New York’s hottest bars and restaurants? Take our Eater Inside Quiz to find out. Below we’ve isolated a few sharp design details from twelve restaurants that have opened (or reopened) within the last three years, all of which were featured on Eater Inside. The first person to guess all twelve correctly and send in their answers to the tipline wins our eternal respect and/or a piece of official Eater NY outerwear. Answers will be revealed sometime next week.


4)mysterypic21.jpg5) mysterypic3.jpg 6)mysterypic25.jpg


10)mysterypic6.jpg11) mysterypic23.jpg12mysterypic12.jpg

The original version of this concept ran back in 2005. Bonus if you know those older restaurants without peeking at the answers.
[photos: Krieger]