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A Little Love for Lamazou Cheeses, on Oasis on Third Ave.

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To get everyone through the dog days of summer, we've asked our readers to tell us about a favorite, somewhat oddball restaurant, bar, or place of note that perhaps exists mostly off the radar. Today's pick comes from Chris Stang & Andrew Steinthal of Immaculate Infatuation. Please send in further recs to

2010_09_lamazou.jpgWe fell in love with Lamazou Cheeses a few years back after randomly wandering into this nondescript cheese shop and ordering a sandwich off the list. It quickly became apparent that what we had discovered was a neighborhood gem, in a neighborhood (3rd Ave. at 27th St.) that desperately needs more gems. From that day forward, this place was a three day a week meal stop, and over the years we managed to eat our way through damn near everything in the deli case.

What you’ll find at Lamazou is not only an incredible selection of cheeses (there is a cheese cave in the basement) and cured meats, but also fantastic sandwiches and friendly faces in husband and wife owners Aziz and Nancy Lamazou.

Aziz is always happy to recommend something from the menu, and he’ll also point you in the direction of whatever goodness in the cheese case is particularly off the hook that day?whether you ask or not. That’s exactly the kind of personality and passion that makes this place amazing.

If Lamazou closed, this neighborhood would be left with nothing but terrible sports bars and restaurants that have scrolling digital marquees. The good news is that Aziz and Nancy have just started the process of opening a new restaurant just down the street. Expect to see us there often.
—Chris Stang & Andrew Steinthal
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Lamazou Cheeses

370 3rd Ave., New York, NY