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Food Critic Rejects Cupcakes, Soda, Loses 35 Pounds

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NY Post restaurant critic Steve Cuozzo files his column this week about his battle with Type 2 diabetes. Apparently, before getting diagnosed, Cuozzo ate a lot of garbage! Sugary drinks, Yoo-Hoo, doughnuts, danishes, big muffins, and plenty of junk food. He wondered, "Could I continue as a critic when I’d have to count carbs, practice portion control, give up sugar and shun certain foods altogether?" Turns out he could. All he had to do was cut out 100 percent of the junk, including juice and high calories breakfasts. And boom, he lost 20 pounds in 12 months, that's in addition to 15 pounds he lost when he started feeling sick.

Critic calorie counting is becoming quite the trend, no? For more on this, please see Frank Bruni, Sam Sifton, and Robert Sietsema.
· Defeating diabetes -- now that’s sweet! [NYP]