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Riverpark Readies for September Debut with PDR, Giant Patio

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A quick update on Riverpark, Tom Colicchio's new restaurant way, way over there in Kips Bay. Per a Craigslist job posting, the new restaurant helmed by Colicchio and chef/partner Sisha Ortuzar will offer a menu that uses "farmers’ market ingredients alongside the wide variety of flavor profiles in the city as inspiration." Considering that they're looking for a Maitre d', this sounds more like another project in the vein of Colicchio & Sons or Craftbar, than say 'wichcraft for dinner.

Also, the space will boast "striking views of the East River" from both the dining room, an "expansive outdoor dining patio" and a PDR. So, there you go: a giant space to enjoy Colicchio, al fresco, plus a room that's perfect for a high-minded bar mitzvah, or if the economy tanks again, a sexy waterfront pop-up. All signs point to a late September opening.
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