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Top Chef D.C. Episode 13: Bang, Zoom, to the Moon

To thoroughly enjoy the glory that is Top Chef D.C., we welcome comedian Max Silvestri, who will be here every week to take us through season seven.


What a week for Top Chef, friends. Yesterday was Padma Lakshmi's 40th birthday. She has a new baby, and she looks great! Her eyes don't look a day over always-crazy. Plus, the show won an Emmy Sunday night for Best Reality Show. A total coup, and it reminds us once again that "foodie" culture (barfie) is mainstream.

It was legitimately such a thrill to see Tom, Padma and Gail up on that stage. You go, guys. Especially Gail. What a party monster. I love her so much. You know that while she was standing up there, smiling on the dais, she had a fully-loaded beer bong hidden behind her back. "Put a shot of whiskey in it, Tom. I'll throw up in my clutch, I literally don't give an F. I will punch a cop." Well-deserved, team.

The other blessing this week is Amanda's absence. >>>