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Relish Will Live on in Cinema; Jamie Oliver Heads to LA

WILLIAMSBURG—Grub Street notes that closed and beloved Williamsburg diner Relish will live on in new Drew Barrymore and Justin Long rom com Going the Distance. [GS]

ASK A CRITIC— Robert Sietsema pens a listicle on the nine cuisines missing from New York. They include ??Oaxacan, ?Laotian, Nicaraguan and Costa Rican, Algerian and Libyan, and Kenyan, Angolan, and Mozambiquan. [FitR]

TV WATCH—ABC has ordered up a second season (six episodes) of the Emmy Award-winning series Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Chef Jamie Oliver won't be returning to season one's location, West Virginia (presumably they've been saved?), however. For season two, Oliver will save the fatties in the city of Los Angeles. [Eater National]