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Cana Sushi, Lallisse, Hotel Tortuga, and More Coming Soon

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1) Bushwick: A tipster writes in to say that the restaurant being built at 25 Bogart St will feature "locally sourced" cuisine. No name yet, but they're tossing around either "Morgan" or "Artemis". See photos above. [PLYWOOD]

2) West Village: A new restaurant on 581 Hudson, Meme Mediterranean, is almost ready to open. [PLYWOOD]

3) Flatiron: Fork in the Road posts a shot of signage for the upcoming Cana Sushi at 15 West 21st St. [PLYWOOD]

4) Hell's Kitchen: Life with Food and Drink snaps a photo of a sign announcing the arrival of Istanbul Kebab House on 9th Ave between 48th and 49th Sts. [PLYWOOD]

5) Murray Hill: Kips Bay and Beyond reveals that Lallisse wine bar is headed for the corner space on Lexington Ave and 30th St across from Penelope's. [PLYWOOD]

6) East Village: EV Grieve spots a Mexican eatery called Hotel Tortuga set to open on 14th St between 2nd and 3rd Aves. [PLYWOOD]

7) Harlem: A tipster hears that a wine bar is going into a long under construction space on 106th and Amsterdam: "They've been building it for months-- that space (never been used for food before) needed a TON of work. I pass by it in the mornings. Tile's down, bar is coming along, dry wall looks up. Looks like it'll be all windows around the outside. Could use outdoor seating?" [PLYWOOD]

8) West Village: A tipster reports that construction has begum on the old Toons space on Bleecker Street. No sign of what is coming in it's place. [PLYWOOD]

9) Midtown East: Midtown Lunch reports that a branch of Financier Patisserie is headed for 59th and 3rd Ave, in a space that formerly housed a tassel store. [PLYWOOD]

10) Cobble Hill: From the tipline: "There's a new cafe going up on Bergen across from Broken English. Wine no hard booze. Looks cute. Just took the plywood down this morning." [PLYWOOD]

11) Columbia Street Waterfront District: Brownstoner reports that a restaurant called Caselnova: the neighborhood trattoria is opening in the old 215 Cucina Napoletana space. [PLYWOOD]

Artemis, Perhaps

25 Bogart St., Brooklyn, NY