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Crif Dogs Williamsburg Will Be Open 21 Hours A Day

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A few updates on one of the more fun Williamsburg projects slated for the Fall, Crif Dogs Brooklyn: looks like the joint should be opening pretty soon, as they are looking for counter staff on Craigslist. But, more intriguing is that the job posting notes that breakfast will be served starting at 7AM and that late night dogs will be available till 4AM. (The original location opens at noon everyday and closes at 2AM during the week and 4AM on the weekends.) So, basically, the residents of Williamsburg will be able to get Crif's crazy hot dogs pretty much any time day or night. Who knows if this will be the actual seven day a week schedule, but considering that there's perpetually a huge bar crowd streaming down the block at night, and throngs of commuters rushing to catch the L train in the morning, the early/late hours are probably not such a bad idea.
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Crif Dogs - Williamsburg

555 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 302-3200 Visit Website

Crif Dogs Brooklyn

555 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11211