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Anita Lo: a Lot of Lady Chefs Are Also Lady Gays

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Annisa chef Anita Lo is on Eatocracy discussing female chefs, gender roles, and the prevalence of lesbians among the female chef population:

The ratio of gay-to-straight executive female chefs is much higher than amongst the general population. The Kinsey Report states that about 10 percent of the general population is gay. I think that ratio is higher among female executive chefs and apparently, in the WNBA as well. But on a more serious note, this is perhaps related to my first statement and begs the question: are gay women less bound by societal norms and therefore get further in this field?
The first statement she's referencing there is about how gender is a social construction. Next question: how does this relate to the number of male gays on the premiere of last night's Top Chef Just Desserts?
· 5@5 - Chef Anita Lo [Eatocracy]
[photo courtesy Annisa]


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