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Inside One Day-Old Hill Country Chicken and an Early Review

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[Krieger, 9/15/10]

Yesterday at noon, Hill Country Chicken swung its doors open to the public. On Tuesday, we brought the menu. Now come the photos. For those who haven't been yet in the 26 hours they've been open, no worries! A tipster already sends in an early report:

I ordered a drum stick - this was delicious, the batter was great and crunchy, the chicken moist and flavorful. My only complaint here is that the chicken was only warm by the time I took a bite. For the amount of chicken that they were churning out it should have been piping hot. Overall, very good fried chicken. I also ordered the Texas Hand Roll. What a disaster. Essentially, it's a tortilla (fresh out of the refrigerator) slathered with a spicy jelly of some sort, 1 chicken tender, cole slaw, sesame seeds, and shaved almonds. None of the flavors work together, the cold tortilla and the tepid chicken tender didn't really do it for me, and the best part is that when i got towards the bottom and took a bite all of the cole slaw juice squirted out all over me. Fun. Also, it's a rip off. $9 bucks for what is essentially some seeds, slaw, a tortilla, and one tender. I could have gotten an order of 5 tenders for $10 bucks... So all in all a major fail on the Texas Hand Roll.

The decor was super cheesy in my opinion, but I bet lots of people end up liking it. I will go back, but would much rather eat at the original.

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