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What Not to Name Your Restaurant: A Fall 2010 Guide

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Although the fall dining previews have given New Yorkers a lot to look forward to, there have been an astonishing number of bad restaurant names tied to many of the exciting new projects. Some of these are stupid puns (Metahphor, Baorrito), vague abbreviations (MPD, B.A.D. FPB), names that awkwardly incorporate numbers or are numbers (9, Twenty33) or names that just don’t roll of the tongue (Fish Tag, Dee Daa, Graffit). And so, for the handful of big projects that have yet to decide on a name, here are a few choices to avoid along those guidelines (that we know of, none of these have actually been floated....yet):

carms1badname.jpg6) Yet-to-be-Named Andrew Carmellini Project
The Gist: Carmellini's new SoHo restaurant in the old Cub Room space with Josh Pickard and Luke Ostrom, with a menu of regional dishes from across America.
Names to Avoid: Picarmellini’s, COP (Carmellini, Ostrom, Pickard), The Carm Room, Ostromeria, the United Plates of America, Carmageddon.
toddenglish12.jpg5) Yet-to-be-Named Todd English and Ian Chalermkittichai Project
The Gist: A midtown Asian American BBQ joint from the team behind Spot and OBao, with the two big celeb chefs as consultants.
Names to Avoid: English is Asian American, TODDBBQ, Englermkittichai, OTodd, AsianQ. [Photo]

trottermadison.jpg4) Yet-to-be-Named Charlie Trotter Restaurant
The Gist: The Chicago chef's first NYC restaurant, located on the ground floor of a condo building at 1 Madison Park near 22nd street. It will be his third restaurant in the country.
Names to Avoid: 1 Madison Park, NYCharlie, Yankee-Condo-Foxtrotter, TRAMP (Trotter’s restaurant across Madison Park), Charlie Tro22er’s, Char's No. 3.[Photo]
angerer1.jpg3) Yet-to-be-Named Daniel Angerer Project
The Gist: A more refined counterpart to his new brats joint next door, this new Alpine-themed restaurant from the Klee Brasserie chef will specialize in beer and cheese.
Names to Avoid: Angerer Management, AAA (Angerer’s Alpine Ales), DAiry, Beers & Boob Cheese.
dmeyerbpc.jpg2) Yet-to-be-Named Union Square Hospitality Group Fine Dining Project
The Gist: An original fine dining concept on 1 North End Ave in Battery Park City, in the vein of the Union Square Café.
Names to Avoid: Eleven Battery Park, DGDT (Danny Goes Downtown), BPCafe, FiDiFiDi (Finincial District Fine Dining). [Photo]
christianragano12.jpg1) Yet-to-be-Named Christian Ragano Project
The Gist: The sous chef from Chicago's celebrated Nomi makes his NYC debut in a space inside the Hyatt on 42nd street, serving his takes on traditional Western European classics.
Names to Avoid: Mediteragano, MidtowNoMi, Eurotrad, Oh Ragano!. [Photo]
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