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Neighbors Call BS On Sin Sin's Owner, Vow to Shut It Down

Shortly after last month's tragic killing outside of Sin Sin after a night at the bar, Sin Sin's owner decided proactively contact his concerned neighbors via email to say that despite the shooting, Sin Sin had been making the changes that the community had demanded. Owner Phillip Quiller told the East Fifth Street Block Association that he had already fired the weekend DJ's, instituted a tighter door policy and now personally monitors all of the booked parties held at the club in an effort to address the community's issues with his bar.

How do you think that went over?

The community fired a shot directly across the bow in their response to Quiller, blaming his bar for bringing patrons who murder in their streets and writing:

Sir, we do not believe you. Not a word that you say. And, as we said at the meeting on the 4th we have no desire to talk to you or to listen to your hollow promises. Do you think that we do not have eyes and ears? We see the same problematic clientele patronizing your club as before. We are looking for action, and until action is taken, and you begin to court a clientele who is not violent, you will continue to be viewed as a scourge on our otherwise peaceful neighborhood. And, the neighborhood will not rest until you are gone and Sin Sin’s license is revoked.
The neighbors are organizing in advance of a meeting next week with the NYPD's 9th Precinct, and seem more than ready to fight this battle until the bitter end.
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