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Eddie Huang Ditches the Office, Hits Four Loko After Dark

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Welcome back to Haus Call, where Eater periodically checks in with BaoHaus and Xiao Ye chef/owner Eddie Huang to see what he’s up to these days.

eddiehuang.jpgEver since he opened his new Taiwanese restaurant Xiao Ye on the LES a month and a half ago, Eddie Huang has been one busy dude. Over the past few weeks, the chef/restaurateur has been tweaking old recipes and creating new ones, settling the score with that food truck in California that jacked his Chairman Bao name, and dealing with the steady stream of critics and bloggers passing through (Sifton's apparently already been in twice). So what's Eddie working on right now?:

We'll have delivery by next Tuesday, but lunch/brunch is probably 3 weeks out. Still working the menu. I'm actually going in to start the prep shift right now. Starting this week, I'm in the kitchen at Xiao Ye 6 days a week for prep and service. This working from outside the kitchen thing isn't for me.
I was really cooking like 3 days a week, office 3 days a week and I don't like it. It's timbo weather now, the kitchen ain't as hot, I'm goin in! Peace to all the birds. Homeboy you can have her... I'm back to cooking and Four Loko after dark.

So, there you go. Xiao Ye delivery next week, lunch and brunch on track for early October. And as an addendum, Eddie also notes: "oh but full disclosure, I'm there for prep today but goin to see Hova and the white boy at Yankee Stadium ...."
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