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LES Favorite Fried Dumpling Makes Heroic Return

Here's a heartwarmer for the lovers of $1 dumplings on the Lower East Side. Fried Dumpling, a dumpling spot on 99 Allen Street that was evicted by its landlord, The Heaven Way Buddha Church, back in March of 2009, has reopened. Said one neighbor when it closed, "This place was CRUCIAL for the locals who don't care to eat for a Spitzer's-level budget all the time." Mourned another, "By far the saddest shutter in the last year. I lived on that place when I was unemployed my first 3 months in NYC." Bowery Boogie reports that it is now called Fried Dumpling - Inexpensive Delicacies Company and also caters to wholesale customers.
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Fried Dumpling

99 Allen St., New York, NY