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On the Matter of a New Restaurant By the Name of Lincoln

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Now and then, Eater's co-founders spend their Friday afternoons debating something or other via instant messenger. This is one of those days.

SLNYDaddy: btw, i am not feeling Lincoln.
CrbdDaddy: huh. i was trying to gauge where you'd come down
SLNYDaddy: it's going to get four stars, bc it may be sifton's only chance at the perfect game. but if either of us make it there before 2012, i'll be shocked.
CrbdDaddy: fact
CrbdDaddy: will be impassable
SLNYDaddy: it's also totally boring
SLNYDaddy: and $175 a head.
CrbdDaddy: it's a tiny bit not boring
SLNYDaddy: ha.
SLNYDaddy: come on.
SLNYDaddy: what part?

SLNYDaddy: the roof?
CrbdDaddy: yeah, the place itself, the setting
CrbdDaddy: It's at lincoln center, but you're on the stage
CrbdDaddy: (you can use that)
CrbdDaddy: whatever, i am going all-in on lincoln
SLNYDaddy: i think that may be a misplay. there is no shot it's better than marea.
SLNYDaddy: no shot. period. bye bye.
CrbdDaddy: wow, really?
SLNYDaddy: also, crossing white by suggesting as much ill-advised.
CrbdDaddy: even as michael white opens 16 new places?
CrbdDaddy: i hear you
CrbdDaddy: benno, fwiw, has an enormous head
SLNYDaddy: true story.
SLNYDaddy: who really wants to eat grown up eggplant parm?
SLNYDaddy: is there really an audience for that?
CrbdDaddy: whatever the case, tables at lincoln will be literally impossible to come by
SLNYDaddy: interestingly, i totally disagree with that too.
CrbdDaddy: there's an audience for a super-crazy-high-end resto right inside lincoln center
CrbdDaddy: it's going to be the ultimate status resy!
SLNYDaddy: i think price point and location will have you in there, if you want, by Mid-Oct
CrbdDaddy: no chance
CrbdDaddy: n o n e
SLNYDaddy: stand by.
SLNYDaddy: lincoln -- 212 359 6500 -- sept 30th, party of 4, 8:30 pm
SLNYDaddy: shall i put you and yours down?
CrbdDaddy: well played, sir
CrbdDaddy: IN ANY CASE
CrbdDaddy: wait until the word gets out!
SLNYDaddy: ha.
CrbdDaddy: like, once Avenue reviews it?
SLNYDaddy: all they need is a couple of bits of press.
SLNYDaddy: indeed. also, let me know about the 30th. bc i'm going to have a hard time fililng those seats an i need to get started.
SLNYDaddy: for the reocrd, thursdays 8 oct and 14 oct were also available.
CrbdDaddy: unpossible
SLNYDaddy: and here's the biggest flag of all - when asked what time i wanted to eat, she said early or "on the later side"
SLNYDaddy: the later side being >>>8:30CrbdDaddy: wait, SHE offered 830 as "the later side"?
SLNYDaddy: that's correct.
CrbdDaddy: i have to say, that's not what you're looking to see there
SLNYDaddy: haha.
CrbdDaddy: final thought -- do you think there's any case FOR lincoln?
SLNYDaddy: an interesting question.
SLNYDaddy: i think if you're a patron of lincoln center and you have a season ticket at the met, it's a categorical win.
SLNYDaddy: also a win for tourists and very rich business travelers.
CrbdDaddy: so no real nod to benno's cooking at all
SLNYDaddy: i just really can't see the neighborhood angle in any way, but maybe that'll be revealed in the second wave of press.
CrbdDaddy: haha
SLNYDaddy: benno gets it four stars, no question about that.
CrbdDaddy: the food will have to have something going for it in that case, no?
SLNYDaddy: ls, here's my core issue with the place: italian food is meant for warm, welcoming, casual digs.
SLNYDaddy: the food might be spectacular, but i think it's going to be hella challenging to make it a truly warm, craveable type place.
SLNYDaddy: but if it can be done, i like benno for the job.
CrbdDaddy: fair enough

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