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A Missed Connection from Chef Amanda Cohen's Super Fan

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The following is from Missed Connections. The title: Amanda Cohen - m4w (East Village):

You are my first chef crush. I love your food and your restaurant. Seriously, it my favorite. Every time i'm there i just sorta swoon over your tough/ beautiful/ adorable you are zooming around the kitchen and the house. I'm just a big fan with a crush. To be fair, i'm pretty sure you have flirted with me on occasion, but then again, you might just be really friendly and a good host.

Anyway, i'm just sitting here watching you present your dishes on Iron chef and drooling over my favorite dish being presented. (Broccolini )

Tough break on the loss. i still think that your food is the best i have ever had.

So, on the off chance you see this, write me back. Maybe we can get a drink and i'll promise not to be starstruck.

Great. Well at least it wasn't creepy. Click through to see the picture that goes along with the post (SFW, we swear).
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