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A Tour of Bell Book & Candle's 'Roof-to-Table' Garden

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On Thursday night, Nightline ran a profile on the strange rooftop garden that chef John Mooney has created for his soon to open West Village restaurant Bell Book & Candle. Mooney claims that the garden, on the sixth floor of a building on West 10th St., will generate enough vegetables to supply the entire 80-seat restaurant with produce every night, ten months out of the year, making it the only restaurant garden of its kind in the country. What’s more, the farm is entirely hydroponic, so the veggies grow in water, faster and without the threat of many of the diseases and pests associated with growing plants in soil.

· Rooftop Garden Deluxe [Nitghtline]

Bell Book & Candle

141 West 10th St., New York, NY

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