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Neighborhood NIMBYS Shut Down Il Buco Pig Roast

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Late Wednesday night, the good people from Noho restaurant Il Buco sent out a mass email asking supporters to attend a community board hearing about their annual outdoor pig roast on Bond St. The popular event and fundraiser has been a thorn in the neighborhood NIMBYs' sides for a good while now, seeing that they cited it while discussing the liquor license for the restaurant's new offshoot on Great Jones in January. In fact, according to a manager who spoke to Grub Street yesterday, one neighbor offered an ultimatum: if they do the roast, she'll vote against the Great Jones operation. If they don't, she'll support it. Lovely how major decisions get made in this community, huh?

So perhaps it shouldn't be so surprising that the following email hit the inbox last night:

Dear fellow neighbors,

I want to thank you all for you incredible support regarding the il
Buco Pig Roast. It has meant the world to us that the community has
enjoyed and appreciated this event for all that we hoped it would be.

Regretfully, we have decided to cancel the Pig Roast for this year. Due to my recent marriage and the incredible amount of energy that we
are devoting to our new project at 53 Great Jones, we do not want to go to battle at this time and be a part of any kind of antagonism in the neighborhood. We will present all of your letters of support to the Community Board this evening in the hope that they will understand the real value of this event, and to make possible the future of this

We will be withdrawing our participation in the meeting tonight and greatly apologize to any of you who have arranged your schedules accordingly, and hope that most of you will receive this in time to make other plans. We will be present at the meeting at any event.

Please feel free to pass by the restaurant this evening for a prosecco
toast with us.

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il Buco

47 Bond Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 533-1932 Visit Website

Il Buco

47 Bond St., New York, NY

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