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Reader Shitshow Stories: At Vermilion

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Yesterday, we asked readers to send in their best Shitshow stories in exchange for our brand spanking new Shitshow Week t-shirts. Here's one.

Since I noticed you are doing the shitshow week, I felt compelled to pay a visit to At Vermilion to see for myself what all the fuzz was about this place a year ago when you declared it a shitshow.

I just went to the bar for a quick drink and glanced around but let me tell you, pretty much everything said is true. The place looks very beat down. I took a few images to show it.

First off a picture of the walls going up the stairs. Clearly they don't invest in any repairs or any details.

Second is from their highlarious sign they have over the toilet at their second floor men's bathroom. Not only does it sound funny but, couldn't they have picked someone that could actually write English properly, or run it through a spell check?

Lastly is a picture of an apparently new "collage" of framed cheap color copies of articles from the restaurant. I couldn't get a good closeup because there was some manager type looking at me funny when I took out my iphone. These are the same articles that apparently they mention in their introductory speech at the tables, like the classic "our Lobster Portuguese was chosen as one of America's top 10 dishes by USA Today". They don't mention that most of these articles date back 5 or more years!

Enjoy! And definitely At Vermilion should be up in the running for Shitshow 2011.
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At Vermilion

480 Lexington Ave., New York, NY