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A Tour of Ryan Skeen's Second Callings

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Eater favorite Ryan Skeen—an undoubtedly creative and talented chef with a temper that precedes him—left yet another promising venture this summer, citing a desire to "work on other projects" while putting a frown on The Insatiable One's face. One of those projects turned out to be a consulting gig at West Village fantasy land Sweetiepie. Hopefully, Skeen will continue to cook in New York for as long as possible, but with so much chef-shuffling it's a wonder he hasn't gone all Bo Jackson on us and started branching out into other careers.

And what might he do? Either he plays to his short fuse, working in fields that promise maximum intensity (like the movie Crank), or he tames the beast inside with jobs that ensure serenity. So yes - thanks to the wonders of a poor understanding of Photoshop, here are nine alternate careers for Ryan Skeen.

Have any more jobs you think Ryan Skeen could conquer? Let us know in the comments.

—Zachary Feldman

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