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10 Bizarre New Restaurant Dish Presentations

In an attempt to up the “wow factor” of their food, sometimes chefs incorporate strange plating techniques, theatrical arrangements, or chintzy gimmicks into a dish. Here are ten of the weirdest new dish presentations in New York restaurants:

lionporkchop.jpg10) The Pork Chop at the Lion: At some point in a menu planning meeting, John DeLucie must have asked "What if we hot-boxed a pork chop?" [Photo]
marrivanasalmon.jpg 9) Mari Vanna's Salmon Roe in a Nesting Doll: What better way to present a distinctively Russian appetizer than in a distinctively Russian chotchke? [Photo]

anellaflowerpot.jpg8) Anella's Bread in a Flower Pot: Yes, it's fresh baked bread. But, it's served in a vessel that usually holds dirt. [Photo]
dogbowlxiaoye.jpg7) Xiao Ye's "Everything But the Dog Meat Platter": Clearly, Petco is the new Fishs Eddy. [Photo]
oldbaychoptank.jpg6) Choptank's Crab Dip with a Tin of Old Bay: Usually this seasoning is a “secret ingredient” in seafood dishes. Here, Choptank is just being straight up with their customers. They're basically saying " You want some Old Bay in your crab dip? Go for it." [Photo]
tanukitavernsteak1.jpg5) Tanuki Tavern’s Steak on an Individual Hibachi: Jeffrey Chodorow knows that his steak is not for sissies. That’s why he created a presentation that fuses together four powerful elements: rock, fire, meat and man. [Photo]
balaboostahummus.jpg4) Grind your own Hummus at Balaboosta: Paying to grind your own hummus is like paying to change your own tire. [Photo]
asparagushollandaise.jpg3) The Asparagus Hollandaise at the Collective: True to the restaurant’s dada design concept, the asparagus appetizer here apparently involves wooden spears stuck in a salted lemon wedge. The result looks like something Yoko Ono would serve at a dinner party. [Photo]
kttichaioctopus.jpg2) The Salmon Tartare at Kittichai: The little pastry cups are so intricate, so delicate that they need to be transported to the table via a scary octopus-shaped metal cradling device. [Photo]
abeandarthursdonut1.jpg 1) The 'Fill Your Own' Donuts at Abe & Arthur's: The restaurant put the jelly-squirting power in the hands of the diner, and in doing so created the Shitshow Dish of 2010. The bar has been raised very, very high. [Photo]

Also of Note: The rest of the year is shaping up to be a great one for weird presentations too! The chef at LIC newcomer M. Wells just announced that he wants to do some form of spaghetti in a can!

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